Corporate Wellness, Healthcare Innovation, & Leadership Development

Healthcare Innovation & Corporate Wellness:


See the link for a start-up I am embarking on in the healthcare innovation, consultation, and employee wellness sector with Dr. Hemalee Patel called Connect Wellness

  • Healthcare policy and innovation; thought leadership and strategy around healthcare integration and prevention-focused efforts to ultimately save cost
  • Healthcare app consultation for user engagement, product design, and ethics/best practice
  • On-site and off-site corporate wellness workshops and programs using evidence-based state of the art approaches to optimization of mind-body functioning
  • Focus on integrated approach to prevention of chronic disease and burnout while increasing satisfaction and productivity

Integrated Patient-Centered Medical Treatment that Works

  • Integrative patient-centered behavioral health and substance use disorder/trauma treatment
  • The “rebranding” of addiction and recovery with education, addressing stigma, and empowerment
  • C-PTSD (complex trauma) as an area in need of more focus, research, and attention

Leadership Development, “Servant Leadership”

  • If there was ever a time when the meaning and value of leadership was questioned, it would be now. What kind of leader do you want to be? I teach skills to lead effectively and earn respect and loyalty from a position of true strength, not fear
  • Training and mentoring leaders to maximize potential and break through barriers with methods that work

Reinventing the Box for Stigma with Education and Compassion Training

  • We are wired and available but disconnected from ourselves and others
  • The value of positive psychology, a strengths-based approach, and leveraging what we have learned about resilience
  • The science of mindfulness and consciousness across disciplines and impact of that learning on innovation
  • Empathy, EIQ, and social skills training for children and adolescents
  • The “rebranding” of addiction and recovery with education, addressing stigma, and empowerment