Being not Thinking

I heard an amazing talk by Richard Miller, PhD today at the Non Dual Wisdom Conference. He talked about a freedom that can occur when we can deidentify with the ego and shared a great technique for this.

What happens when you “drop the ‘you’ from your thoughts?” Then “drop the ‘I’?” Basically he had us think about what life would be like if we couldn’t use pronouns. If we actually lived like human “beings” and could simply be as we are in the world now as it is.

I spent lunch thinking more about how to embody this experience and share it with others who are stuck in an internal civil war (yes, we humans!).

If you want to try an experiment and see what happens, which will be different for everyone because we are all different, but may give you a sense of being instead of thinking about being, here’s an idea:

5 Minutes of Being 

Allow yourself 5 minutes undisturbed by the predictable bells, whistles, me distractions of modern life. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Eyes can be closed or open and softly focused on a central onject.

What is it like to be in your body as a human right NOW? In this very moment?

What does sound feel like in your ears? Do you notice it anywhere else? Are you drawn toward or away from it? Whatever arises is simply information, neither good nor bad. A friendly dialogue. Now let this be “listening” and drop the “I am…” What is the experience of pure listening? What happens when the mind comes in to
distract you? It will-but like an excited puppy, you can calmly remind your mind it to heel by your side as you return to being.

What does it feel like to notice gravity? The points at which the sensation of holding or firmness occurs, and then where there is not firmness. What is it to simply be “noticing?”

Try, if comfortable, to breathe into the body until finding a comfortable rhythm. When a natural rhythm is found, see what happens if you can move from “I am breathing” to “breathing naturally is happening.” What happens if that shift occurs?

This can be applied to noticing sunlight on the skin. Noticing the experience of site of you have use of your eyes. Imagine looking around as if you had never seen before, and look at a place or person you love with “Beginners Mind.” If you are brave, try this with yourself.

Thinking is important. Being keeps us grounded in what is real and true. Being brings us back to the core of who we are, and helps is separate fact from

fiction. Being helps us think better. If we do not train the mind, it will always chase the squirrel.



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