Hello, and thank you for visiting my site! In over a decade of practice as a clinical psychologist in roles ranging from therapist and clinical to program director in a variety of interdisciplinary settings, I have learned some things about people and systems.

I have a natural curiosity paired with compassion, optimism, critical thinking skills, and an ability to synthesize patterns in meaningful ways. I “trained” first on less complex systems, and am moving to larger puzzles as the “deep dive” process is the same. Areas of interest are generally complex problems with complex solutions, and you can learn more About… Current Areas of Interest and Acumen. If you have shared interest or projects you’d like to discuss on related topics, or something different you think I may be able to help with or steer you toward a resource for, please contact me anytime:

My site is under new construction, and I ask for patience, inquiries, and of course constructive feedback!


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